Image of WIllow Willow is a vocal artist, recording artist and composer, whose original music draws on the diverse influences of pop, alternative rock, jazz, soul, world music and the therapeutic arts. Her musical voice is led by lyricism, harmony, and improvisation-within-form. Her musical spirit is at home wherever the human heart beats.

A Canadian-American singer/songwriter living in the Bay Area of Northern California, Willow's work has been described as a place "where Eva Cassidy and Mary Boine meet the Buddha in some undiscovered country". She is known for her dynamic yet intimate presence in live performance. The range of expression that Willow brings to her music—vocally, lyrically, and emotionally—is the essence of her craft.

Whether performing solo, with full band, or now in musical partnership with Eric Ramstad, she does not so much 'play' music as she does embody it—surrendering to music's descent. To hear The Watermoons: the music of Willow Pearson and Eric Ramstad, visit To experience The Watermoons debut conert at the Waterfront Playhouse in Berkeley, go to

Enjoy the first track of our album, Red Boat, entitiled "Tara's Promise".

Integral Art Speaks for Itself:

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Willow in dialogue with Michael Schwartz

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Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Georgia Regents University

Willow in dialogue with Ed Sarath

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Ed Sarath, Professor of Music
Director of Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies, University of Michigan